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filing-cabinetHelp Wanted

Clerks –
Most clerks volunteer once a week.  Hours vary and are flexible.  Duties include answering the telephones, filing, scheduling patients, data entry and/or managing medical records

Decorators –
If you have a knack for filling a room with a sense of the season, we can use your help!  Help us spread cheer for each holiday – from Valentines Day, to spring – to the Fourth of July and Christmas.  Decorating for the holidays would also include “taking down” after the holiday.

Event planning -
can include everything from our annual Volunteer Recognition Night to planning our Healing Jar Gala event.  We also plan events such as health fairs, community walking clubs, etc.

Gardening -
Nothing looks worse for a health clinic than to have sick looking plants and landscaping.  Outside, we hve flowerbeds, trees & shrubs that need trimming, mulch to put out and weeds to pull.  Inside we hve plants that need routine care such as watering, repotting and general maintaince for healthy growth.

Nurses –
If you like to practice independenly, you can sign up to provide patient teaching, nursing follow-up visits, or provide support for patient education classes.  If you prefer working in a clinic setting with other health care providers, there are numerous clinic times that you can fine tune your assessment skills

Pharmacy Techs -
We need pharmacy techs throughout the week and on Thursday evenings to help process prescriptions for our patients.

Physicians –
Hey doctor!  We can certainly use your help.  Our facility has the most modern equipment and space of any practice.  You will enjoy practicing medicine in a way that is not driven by insurance requirements.  We also have the privilege of working with a number of specialist groups that provide specialty care from their offices.  We will have nurses available to work with you at whatever times are most convenient for you.

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