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Medical Visits

We are honored to be able to offer a variety of ways and times to be seen in our clinic.  Appointments and walk-in clinics provide flexibility to meet your schedule.  

At the walk-in clinic, you do not need to be an established patient.  The walk-in clinic is held every Thursday afternoon/evening.  We request, but do not require, some form of identification and a copy of your most recent 1040 tax form. 

Appointment times can be scheduled by calling 937-332-0894

Health Partners Free Clinic operates in The Duke Health Center building located at 1300 North County Road 25A, Troy, OH  45373. We are open Monday through Wednesday from 8:30am - 4:00pm and on Thursday from 8:30am - 6:00pm.

You may also request information about establishing care OR requesting an appointment here.


Diagnostic and Lab Testing

You may need laboratory or diagnostic testing as part of your treatment plan. Tests may be provided during your visit and/or scheduled for another time depending on the test.


Pharmacy and Prescription Assistance

Our onsite pharmacy is available to fill most prescriptions written by our providers as part of your care visit. Additional prescription assistance may be provided for patients who provide copies of a 1040 tax form and meet the income eligibility.

Please request your refills before you run out! We suggest you make your request 10 to 14 days before you run out. Our purpose for this advance request is to allow us extra time make sure you receive your medication in a timely manner. If you would like to submit your refill request(s) you can click here to securely enter your request.


Insurance Navigator 

Many people coming to Health Partners Free Clinic are eligible for affordable insurance coverage.  But the process to get covered can be difficult.  Because of that, we provide one-on-one counseling to assist all Miami County residents identify coverage they may be eligible for and help with the enrollment process.

OSHIIP certified counselors are available to help you learn about and enroll in Medicare.  There is also a Certified Application Counselor working on-site to help you enroll in an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan or Medicaid, whichever you qualify for.


Social Services

Our volunteers and staff are available to assist with other needs you may have.  Because of our strong collaborations with other Miami County agencies, many of your barriers to care can be handled through the clinic.

Food Bank

Health Partners is now a satellite site for First Place Food Bank.  The food bank is open to the public during regular hours of operation.  During the summer months, fresh produce from the community garden is available as well.